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Why JobsMiddleEast

Jobs Middle East has been serving the middle east since 2009 from the heart of England, Birmingham. Not only we have understood and provided for our market. Our directors have lived and breathed the working culture of the middle east for over 10 Years.

We have had the pleasure to work with clients that are leaders of there markets such as SABIC, Aramco, Saudi Orger and not forgetting the top institutes like Al Khaleej (training and education). 

Our Mission

Our mission statement is "Matching needs with skills" this statement was uttered when the day JobsMiddleEast become the brand it is. We aim to work with our clients on their needs and find them the skillful candidates that will carry their mission.

We aim to provide none but the best candidates for our client's needs from around the world.

Our Values

We have three simples Values in JobsMiddleEast:

Honesty - We aim to work with our candidates and clients with transparency and honesty. We have no hidden surprises and no hidden fees. We provide what it says on the tin, JobsMiddleEast.

Professionalism - We have high expectations from our team as a company to be nothing but professional with candidates and clients. 


Dedication - we will not stop when the clock hits home time we stop when we have achieved what we set off to do, providing what our clients and candidates want from us.

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